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Earlier this year, my 3-year old’s preschool took the whole school for a special field-trip to the Boston Museum of Fine Art.

Despite having grown up here myself, I had no idea that they offered kid-specific programs and activities. Turns out they do, and they’re both educational and fun for the kids (and their chaperones!).

Officially called Artful Adventures, the museum offers 1.5 hour programs for kids 3 and up.

All of the “adventures” include a mini gallery tour plus an activity in which the kids make their own art.

For the younger groups they’ll often start by reading a book as well which is what they did for our kids.

In our gallery exploration, the kids:

    • experimented with their bodies as they tried to imitate “Standing Figure” by Picasso,
    • contemplated “Mountain Landscape from Clavadel” by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, and
    • compared Jackson Pollock’s “Number 10” to some of the fabulous pieces they had created themselves in school just a couple weeks before.

The only piece we had any worry about was “Watson and the Shark” by John Singleton Copley. I had visions of impending nightmares for our 3 and 4 year olds as we learned the fascinating story of this painting.


Fortunately, the kids were intrigued and not even phased by the concept of a shark about to eat a man, so all my worries were quickly dispelled :).


The whole experience was engaging and fun for the kids. In addition, prices are extremely reasonable and chaperones receive free entry, so it’s hard to go wrong if you’re looking for a unique and educational field-trip.


FYI, they also do non-museum based programs if you want them to come to you.

To find out more about the Boston Museum of Fine Arts programs, click here.


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