Where’s the Best Place to Park at Fenway Park?

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Street parking

We’ve gently suggested before that skipping the car ride to Fenway Park might save you from navigating Boston’s vibrant streets and the quest for parking. Even the ballpark’s own website leans towards public transit as the way to go.


But sometimes driving is the only option and, if that’s the case, we want to make sure you’re covered!


Finding a parking spot near Fenway isn’t impossible; it just takes a little know-how. Here are some insider tips on the best places to park near Fenway Park!

Dos and Don'ts to Find Parking Near Fenway Park

Successfully finding a place to park near Fenway means having a game plan. You can’t get away with winging it and hoping for the best when driving into Boston on a Red Sox game day. Before we get into our list of options, we advise paying close attention to the dos and don’ts below.

Do Reserve a Parking Space Online

No matter which garage or lot you choose, always reserve a spot online. You can use any number of parking apps, but Fenway Park management recommends SpotHero and we do, too. This app gives you an instant prepaid parking reservation that is backed by a money-back guarantee.


Other good parking apps include ParkWhiz, Best Parking, and Way. What we like best about using a parking app is that you can view all your options and the rates on a map and see their proximity to the ballpark.

Do Research Your Options

We recommend carefully researching your options, as some parking garages and lots are further away from Fenway Park than you may realize. Chances are some walking will be required, so wear good shoes (another “do” tip.)


Also be aware that parking rates can and do change, and some lots and garages may charge more for a weekend game. Due diligence can help save money.

Do Leave Early

And the earlier, the better. Boston traffic is unpredictable. A minor accident can create a bottleneck miles long.

We recommend arriving in town two hours before a game starts so you can park while keeping stress to a minimum. Fenway opens its gates 90 minutes before a game and there are plenty of bars and restaurants around the ballpark where you can grab a beer and a bite to eat while killing time. The bonus is food outside of the park is cheaper than what’s inside.

Do Leave Later

Likewise, you may want to hang around after a game to give the post-game traffic and crowds a chance to dissipate. Hanging out with other fans to celebrate a victory (or collectively cry in your beers after a loss) is part of the Fenway Park experience.

Don't Park in a Residential Space

Most street parking in the Fenway neighborhood is for residents only, so check signs carefully. Only vehicles with a valid and current parking sticker issued by the city’s Transportation Department for the Fenway/Kenmore area may park in a residential space.


Violating this will result in a $100 fine. No one wants that, so do the opposite of Nike’s slogan. Just don’t do it.

Don't Circle the Block - Plan Ahead

We can’t stress this one enough.


Did we say you should leave early?

Does Fenway Park Have a Garage or Lot for Red Sox Parking?

This is a trick question. Technically, no. Unlike many Major League Baseball stadiums in other cities, Fenway Park does not have its own dedicated parking garage exclusively for ticket holders.


There are, however, two “official” parking garages listed on the Red Sox website: Prudential Center Garage and 100 Clarendon Street Garage. We’ll get into more detail about them in a moment, but these offer discounted rates and are only available for evening and weekend games.


Fenway is more than the name of a ballpark. It’s a neighborhood and a rather saturated one at that. Restaurants, hotels, bars, and residential buildings fill the surrounding streets. There are a few parking lots and garages next to the stadium, but none that are exclusively for people attending events at Fenway.

Parking Garage Options Near Fenway Park

Near is a misnomer, since (as we said) Fenway Park doesn’t have a parking lot or garage adjacent to the stadium. But you do have options, and both of these offer discounted rates for game attendees.

Official Parking Garages of the Red Sox

As mentioned, the Red Sox do have two “official” parking garages. Please note these are only available for evening and weekend games.

Prudential Center Garage

You’ll find entrances to The Pru garage at 800 Boylston Street, 111 Huntington Avenue, 35 Dalton Street, and Ring Road. There are 3,000 spaces available and the discounted rate is $20. Scan your Red Sox ticket at the exit machine when leaving the garage. And be prepared for a 15-20 minute walk.

100 Clarendon Street Garage

Located at 100 Claredon Street, this garage has 2,000 spaces and the cost is only $10.

Parking garage near Fenway Park

Public Parking Lots and Garages Near Fenway Park

Fenway Park management has listed several parking garages on their website grouped by driving direction. These are definitely worth checking out, but we also think it may be helpful to list some suggestions in order of closest walking distance to the ballpark:


Ipswich Garage (0.1 miles) – rates not available

203 Ipswich St.

When it comes to Fenway Park parking, you can’t get much closer than the Ipswich Garage which is right outside the ballpark on Ipswich Street. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most poorly rated parking locations with many reviewers warning of personal items being stolen from vehicles. You may want to skip the temptation and park at a more secure lot or garage a little further away.


The Verb Hotel Parking Lot (0.1 miles) – $18

1271 Boylston St.

This outdoor lot is literally across the street from Fenway. Note that it can only accommodate standard-size vehicles. Those with SUVs, minivans, pickup trucks, and other large vehicles will have to park elsewhere.


Lansdowne Garage (0.1 miles) – $40

49 Lansdowne St.

This is a great location (right outside Fenway) if you can nab a space.


Kenmore Lot (0.2 miles)

75 Brookline Ave.

A very short walk to Fenway with large enough spaces to accommodate most vehicles.


549 Commonwealth Avenue Lot (0.2 miles) – $45

An open-air lot operated by Boston University that’s a five-minute walk to Fenway.


1330 Boylston Street Garage (0.2 miles) – $55

71 Jersey St.

Secure underground parking garage that is well-lit, safe, and only 700 feet away from Fenway.


Fenway Triangle Garage (0.2 miles) – $55

180 Brookline Ave.

Super close, secure underground parking.


Van Ness Garage (0.3 miles) – $60

Richard B. Ross Way

A well-lit garage that is open 24 hours a day with access to EV chargers.


Somerset Garage (0.4 miles) – $35

425 Newbury Street

This garage closes at 11 PM and is only a 15-minute walk to Fenway.


Fenway Center Bower Garage (0.4 miles) – $55

771 Beacon Street

The entrance is located on David Ortiz Drive

A decent garage and a five-minute walk to Fenway. Mind the columns near some of the parking spaces when pulling in and out.


Haviland Street Garage (0.4 miles) – $40

7 Haviland St.

Valet lot in the Back Bay near the Berklee College of Music that can accommodate larger vehicles.


Warren Towers Garage (0.5 miles) – $30

700 Commonwealth Ave.

A 10-15 minute walk to Fenway, this indoor garage on the Boston University campus offers game parking for only $35.


Museum of Fine Arts (0.5 miles) – $36

Museum Road

The MFA has three self-parking options (Huntington Lot, Fenway Lot, and the Museum Road Garage) which can all be accessed on Museum Road. It’s about an 11-minute walk to Fenway and the traffic in this area tends to be less heavy after a game.


Westland Avenue Garage (0.6 miles) – $30

34 Westland Avenue

There’s so much to love about this indoor garage—it’s well-lit, spaces are ample enough for larger vehicles, and it’s only a 15-minute walk to Fenway. Best of all, the rate is only $30 for Red Sox events and is valid for 10 hours of parking.

1200 Beacon Street Garage at the Arcadian Hotel (1.0 mile) – $30

1200 Beacon Street, Brookline


It’s a bit further away, but if you’re looking to get your daily steps in the Arcadian Hotel’s underground parking garage is an affordable option. You can expect the walk to Fenway to be about 25 minutes.

Street Parking Near Fenway Park

Cars parked near Fenway Park

Street parking near Fenway Park is very limited, especially on weekdays. You also need to be mindful of meters that are only good for two hours. But if you think you’re up for the challenge, we can offer a few suggestions.


Commonwealth Avenue – there’s metered parking along this major street, although finding a space on a game day may be challenging. It’s an easy walk to Fenway and free on Sundays.


Brookline Avenue – street parking is free after 6 PM and it’s about a 20-minute walk to Fenway.


Beacon Street – this major thoroughfare passes through Fenway-Kenmore into the Coolidge Corner and Chestnut Hill neighborhoods. And if you park on the westbound side you can easily hop onto Route 95 to get home.


Any residential street in Cambridge – If you’re prepared to walk, Cambridge has free parking on Sundays. Park in a residential neighborhood near MIT and cross Harvard Bridge to get to Fenway.

Accessible Parking Near Fenway Park

If you need accessible parking, a selection of metered spaces on Jersey Street (in between Van Ness St. and Boylston St.) become priority spaces during Red Sox games. You may also find it’s more convenient to locate a lot near the ballpark that offers accessible spaces.

Research. Park. Play Ball!

Finding parking near Fenway doesn’t have to be a hair-pulling experience. Research your options, reserve a spot ahead of time, and you’ll be fine.


You can always stay at any number of Boston hotels in the Fenway area and avoid finding game day parking altogether. Check out our list of the best hotels near Fenway Park for some suggestions.

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