Getting To Boston: Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Logan Airport, Boston Trains and Buses

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Boston Logan International Airport

If you’re flying into Boston, you’ll land at Boston’s Logan International Airport.


The airport is quite conveniently located just a few miles from the city. That said, it can still take a while to get downtown depending on the mode of transportation you choose to use. Check out our Logan Airport transportation page to learn about your options. Here you can find both traditional kinds of transport and information about ride-sharing/transportation network companies like Uber and Lyft.



If you have family or friends coming to pick you up, or Boston is your base and you need long-term airport parking, you can learn about Logan Airport parking options here. FYI, they have a “cell phone parking lot” so people can minimize gas emissions as well as save on parking fees when they’re waiting for their guests to arrive.



And, if you’re looking to stay near the airport, check out our Boston Airport Hotels page.


And, if you want to stay near Fenway Park, welcome to this special page!

Boston Trains

Taking the train can be a relaxing Boston transportation option to start your vacation. Prices may not be any better than flying, but the trains do come right into downtown Boston.


Here’s some information on the various Boston Train lines, schedules and stations.


If you’re looking for specific information on one of the train stations, here are direct links to each of the three Boston train stations:


1. South Station
2. Back Bay Station
3. North Station

Boston Buses

There are loads of buses each day travelling in and out of Boston.


Both Greyhound and PeterPan buses travel to Boston from a variety of locations, and can be a good, relatively low-cost option.


Alternatively, these days, the cheapest option tends to be taking a Chinatown Bus. The Chinatown buses now run out of South Station (which is not in Chinatown) as do all regularly scheduled intercity buses. And, they often have a younger crowd of travelers given the style of transportation.

Bus Charters


Traveling by bus charter is also a great option. It can be incredibly convenient and eco-friendly. Plus, it’s a great way to bond with your group while on the road.


GOGO charter's busCompanies like GOGO Charters are available to help with all sorts of trips, whether it’s for work, weddings, school outings—you name it! They even offer services for those with disabilities, and they’re on a mission to make travel greener by encouraging everyone to hop on board together.


Traveling by bus is a fantastic option for its affordability, convenience, environmental friendliness, and opportunities for group bonding.

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