Boston South Station Information

Your Guide To Boston Transportation

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Boston South Station is the second-largest transportation center in New England (Boston’s Logan International Airport is the first).

It is also the largest train station and intercity bus terminal in Greater Boston (the trains and buses operate out of separate adjacent buildings).


South Station is passenger accessible 24-hours a day, every day. And, with a valid train ticket, luggage can be stored in the Amtrak Baggage Room for a small fee. FYI, South Station also has a storage option for non-ticket holders in the bus terminal.


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The two Amtrak Northeast Corridor trains to Boston originate and terminate at South Station. It is also the departure point for daily train service to Chicago via the Lake Shore Limited.


In terms of bus lines, both Greyhound and PeterPan Bus Lines run out of the South Station Bus Terminal.

If you’re taking public transportation, the Red Line on the T goes right to South Station. In addition, the Silver Line (which is an express bus run by the MBTA) can take you between South Station and the airport.

There are also plenty of food options in the train terminal food court (not always as many options for seating, but at least you won’t go hungry!).

South Station is close to Boston’s financial and theater districts, as well as to Chinatown and several major tourist attractions.

The station is connected to the Boston Postal Annex post office, which has almost 24-hour service. To get to the post office from South Station, go toward Track 13 for the passageway to Fort Point Station. There is a free, 15-minute parking lot for the Postal Annex, but the wait in the post office can be long (bring something to keep you occupied). Important – grab a number as soon as you get in line.

Boston South Station Logistics

South Station Boston
2 South Station
Summer Street & Atlantic Avenue
Boston, MA 02110

Continuing with the guide to Boston transportation, the convenience of South Station extends beyond its extensive rail and bus services. The station’s strategic location near Boston’s financial and theater districts, as well as Chinatown and various tourist attractions, makes it a central hub for both commuters and visitors. Additionally, South Station’s proximity to the Boston Postal Annex post office provides a valuable service for travelers. Accessible via a passageway toward Track 13 leading to Fort Point Station, the post office offers nearly 24-hour service.


For travelers seeking to explore further, South Station is linked to essential keywords such as the North South Rail Link, which enhances connectivity in the region. Additionally, the ongoing South Station Expansion Project is poised to further transform and upgrade the transportation facilities, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for all passengers.


Whether you’re catching an Amtrak train, boarding a Greyhound or PeterPan bus, or simply navigating the local MBTA commuter rail, Boston’s South Station stands as a vital transportation nexus, providing not only extensive services but also a gateway to the diverse offerings of the city.

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