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Question about Boston Storage Lockers

Where can I store my luggage if I only have a few hours to check out Boston? Are there public lockers anywhere?

Answer (updated August 2023)

Currently, the most flexible and best priced option we know of is Stasher, but there are other options, especially if you’re going to be at or near South Station. Let’s start with Stasher:

Stasher Luggage Storage

What is Stasher?

Stasher is a luggage storage service that’s available in over 600 cities, including Boston. If you need a place to leave your bags for a while, you can find one of their 3,000 locations, like hotels and shops, and drop them off.

It’s a straightforward process: book a spot on their map, pay online, and then pick up your bags later. They offer a fixed price per bag, and there’s no fuss about size or weight.

And, if you need to cancel, it’s free, and they even insure your bags against loss, theft, and damage. It’s a handy option if you’re in the city and want to explore without being weighed down by your luggage.

You can check out Stasher’s online booking map and current pricing ($6 a day as of August 2023) here.

What About South Station?

As we learned when our Aussie buddy, Chris, came to town, Boston’s South Station is also a good option for storing suitcases/luggage in Boston, but it has gotten more expensive over the years.


In short, here are your two South Station options:


1. If you’re taking a train (and have the ticket to prove it), there is storage available at South Station through Amtrak. They don’t have lockers, but for $10 per bag (as of August 2023), you can store your suitcases in the Amtrak Baggage Room for 24 hours.

The baggage room is located at the very beginning of track 12, on the left. It operates between 7am and 9pm. They don’t do overnight storage, so the luggage must be picked up by 9pm.

If you have any questions, you can reach the baggage room directly at 617-345-7458. FYI, they won’t always answer right away if they’re busy.

2. If you’re not in possession of an Amtrak ticket, anyone has access to the Greyhound Package Express storage area. They’re open from 7am – 8pm on weekdays and 8am – 5pm on weekends.

If you have any questions, you can reach Greyhound Package Express at 617-526-1810. They’re located on the 5th floor of the South Station Bus Terminal.

Another option (outside of South Station. For example, Back Bay Train Station that comes after South Station) is available through Rowes Wharf Water Transport. Their services vary from water taxis to cruises, and they offer free luggage storage to all of their customers (in a locked private room at Rowes Wharf).


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There are free Massport buses to the Logan Airport dock where you can request to be taken to Rowes Wharf. For more info, check out their website or call them at 617-406-8584.

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