Back Bay Train Station

Your Guide To Boston Transportation

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As the name indicates, Back Bay Train Station is located in the heart of Boston’s Bay Back.

It is a station stop on Amtrak’s Northern Corridor and Chicago train services. For more specific information on getting to Boston by train, click here. To learn more about the train station itself, read on.

Back Bay Station is the station after South Station, where the trains originate, so boarding here means less choice in terms of seats. However, selection is generally pretty reasonable until further out at the Route 128 station or beyond.

There is food available and the station is also wheelchair accessible.

And, if you want to take public transportation to or from where you’re staying, you have the option of taking the Orange Line on the T or one of several city buses.

This Amtrak train stop is connected by a climate-controlled walkway to the upscale Prudential Center (home to the skyscraper-high Skywalk Observatory).

It is also close to the very fashionable street in Boston downtown –  Newbury Street and a number of good hotels, shops, and restaurants.

One Warning: Back Bay Station is known to have poor air quality. As a result, it’s recommended that travelers with lung conditions avoid this station. The MBTA has received a Federal grant to improve ventilation in the waiting area, so let’s hope it happens soon!


145 Dartmouth Street
Boston, MA 02116



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