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Becoming A Boston Tourist

One thing I didn’t expect to learn during my time overseas was how many people love Boston.

People I had just met would talk passionately about Boston Tourism – the architecture, the history, the museums, the culture and, simply stated, how beautiful it is. And they love to share their experiences…


My 10 years living abroad gave me a much greater appreciation of my hometown. Each time I “came home” it felt more exciting. I got to be a tourist! My whole family got to be tourists!

Over time, we started to plan our trips as if we really were “normal” tourists.

On my daughter’s first trip to Beantown she was super into animals so we chose our attractions accordingly. She watched mesmerized as chicks hatched from their eggs at the Science Museum. She ran after ducks in the Boston Public Garden as the swan boats floated past. We even got a picture of her sitting on the 4th duck back of the famous “Make Way For Ducklings” statue.

Each trip we found new favorite places to eatfun things to do, new places to shop and to explore. I taught my family the joy of being a Boston sports fan, and took them on some of my favorite day trips.

I thought it would be fun to share what we had learned about Boston with other visitors. After all, the hardest part of a vacation is usually the planning. I thought our experiences might be able to make that part easier for you, and that’s where this site began.

About a year after I started building Boston Tourism Made Easy, we decided to up-and-move to Boston so that our kids could be closer to their family in the U.S. It’s great to be back and, as a result, I’m now able to get more information for you, faster!

Boston Tourism In-A-Nutshell

If you’re anything like me (all about “information in-a-nutshell”), I’d recommend that you start by downloading my Boston Travel Guide. This eBook provides Boston tourist information about our top attractions as well as helpful information about how to get around. It makes a great (and light) travel companion to help you out while you’re wandering from sight to sight.

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More Boston Vacation Planning Information

From there, you have several options depending on what kind of tourist you are…

  • Do you like to get to know a city by taking a tour like Boston Duck Tour or Boston Trolley Tour, and then choosing what you want to come back to?
  • Are you visiting because of our city’s historic significance? If so, you’ll probably want to start by walking the Freedom Trail.
  • Is good food an important part of your vacation experience? Then you’ll want to spend some time perusing our Boston Dining Guide.
  • Do you enjoy wandering through world-class museums for hours on end? Well, we’ve got loads of them and, given Boston’s weather can be pretty fickle, you may have no choice on certain days so make sure you know your options before you get here.
  • If you’re concerned about cost, there are a variety of helpful discount cards that can help your cause!
  • And, if you want to learn how to get around the city before you arrive, I’ve put together a guide to our public transportation system (aka The T).

Join us on Facebook. We’ve created a fun and thriving community on Facebook of people all around the world. Some are locals. Others are Bostonians living elsewhere who miss it sorely. Many were tourists who fell in love at first sight and use our group to remember the joy of their time in Beantown. We’d love for you to join us!

Or, check out my blog. I will let you know whenever any new or changed Web pages appear on Boston Tourism Made Easy. By subscribing to the RSS feed (see below), I keep you up-to-date with all the new pages as they go up, as well as all special postings. FlexOffers