Check Out That Andean Condor! The Franklin Park Zoo

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Zoo Bird House With Peacock

Flying Condor at the Franklin Park Zoo!

Given the unseasonably warm weather we’ve been getting, we found ourselves once again at the Franklin Park Zoo this weekend.

While a number of the animals are elsewhere for the winter, we still managed to keep ourselves entertained for several hours.

The experience was kicked off with a bang when we visited our buddies, the Andean condors.

At first distant and somewhat anti-social, with a little “encouragement,” they decided to give us a bit of a show.

Somehow, I even managed to get the most exciting part of it on video as one of them flew from the top of the cage directly over our heads. Unfortunately, I don’t think the video really allows you to “feel” what it’s like having a bird with a 10-foot wing span fly about 2 feet over your head, but I can tell you – it was awesome (and just slightly daunting)!

We were particularly impressed this time noticing the large showing of Australian animals they have available.

Some of them were away for the cold-weather months, but there were still enough to have us feel a small amount of “Aussie homesickness.” And, when my husband saw the tree Kangaroos he said, “You don’t get to see them that close at the Taronga Zoo!” (the world famous Sydney zoo).

The gorilla exhibit was as exciting as ever, although particularly hard to get a good look at as everyone was enthralled by the new baby gorilla – seriously cute!

We also found a “crashed” Jeep in the safari exhibit. The kids loved taking turns “driving” it and pretending to see various animals on their journey. Of course, when one little girl asked Siena where they were going, she promptly responded, “Starbucks!”

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