Things To Do In Boston: Biking in Boston

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Biking In Boston

Question from Gloria:

Is Boston a bike friendly city, as we would like to take our bikes along with us to see the sights?


Answer from Boston Mama

Hi Gloria,


Thanks so much for your question.


In short, yes, Boston is a very bike friendly city. In fact, Boston was deemed a “Silver-award level bicycle-friendly community” from the League Of American Bicyclists.


There are beautiful bike paths along the Charles River, and the city even closes one of our main roads, Memorial Drive in Cambridge, on Sundays throughout the summer. Click here for more information on the street closure.


In addition, many of our city roads have bike lanes.


As further indication of the popularity of biking here in Boston, we now have Hubway, which is a quickly growing bike rental system. They have loads of useful information on riding in Boston on their site as well at


Finally, if you find you need a bike shop for repairs or advice, our pick from personal experience is Landry’s Bikes ( on Commonwealth Ave.


Have a wonderful time on your vacation, Gloria!




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