Boston Dining: Clover – Healthy Fast Food in Harvard Square

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Boston Dining: Clover – Healthy fast food in Cambridge

Clover started as a food truck at MIT. It was so popular that they opened a restaurant in Harvard Square, which appears to be just as popular.


Clover’s mission is to provide GOOD fast food.


The fare is all vegetarian, and as much as possible, organic and local. They are so serious about the “fast” that the notice board menu even states how long each item takes to prepare.


All the plastic and paper used is compostable. (Plates and flatware are disposable).


You give your order to one of the staff as you come in and then wait to pick it up when your name is called (which mine was without delay). Prices are very reasonable.


It’s heavy-duty vegetarian, not in the sense of vegetable lasagna or egg salad, but in the sense of barbecued seitan sandwich, chickpea fritter, and eggplant plate.


There is a fairly small selection of entrees, which are mainly in the form of sandwiches or plates. The entree selection stays relatively constant, but the items in the other categories vary.


When we were there, we had some wonderful sides – rosemary French fries and a beet-mint-feta-pumpkin seed salad.


All drinks are made on the premises and some are a bit out of the ordinary.


The decor is very simple, with mainly backless wooden cubes for seats. There are some booths on both levels of the restaurant.


In sum: fast, inexpensive, healthy, and tasty-enough to delicious food. If you’re a budget-minded vegetarian in a hurry, you’ll be in heaven.


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