The 11 Best Antique Shops in Massachusetts

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Do you love visiting antique stores because you relish the thrill of the hunt? Then you’ll feel right at home in Massachusetts, where it’s nearly impossible to avoid antique shops. Whether you’re near the city or in a coastal town, antiques are everywhere.


You’ll never know what treasures or bargains you may find. As an old state with a rich history dating back to the colonial period, the shops are teeming with vintage goodies. There’s no better way to spend a lazy weekend day than visiting an antique store or a flea market to see if you can score an overlooked treasure that may land you in the spotlight on Antiques Roadshow.


It was tough keeping this list short, but here’s our top 11 picks for Massachusetts antique stores whether you’re seeking furniture, art, jewelry, or collectibles.


Quick Snapshot: Our video below gives you a brief glimpse inside each shop so you can get an idea of what they sell. Skip ahead to the ones that pique your interest!

Best Antique Stores in Massachusetts

  1. Cambridge Antique Market – five floors of fun

  2. Fun Antiques – the name gives it away

  3. Canal Street Antique Mall – the Merrimack Valley’s hidden gem

  4. Sandwich Antiques Center – the biggest and best on the Cape

  5. SoWa Vintage Market – Southie’s Sunday tradition

  6. The Barn at 17 Antiques – masters of restoration

  7. Sturbridge Antique Shop – Brimfield’s neighbor open year-round

  8. Crompton Collective – something old, something new

  9. New Bedford Antiques at the Cove – Hollywood’s go-to antique shop

  10. Meehan Antiques – a quaint New England antiquing experience

  11. Brimfield Antique Flea Market – saving the largest for last

#1 - Biggest in Town

201 Monsignor O’Brien Highway, Cambridge


Tues to Sun: 11 AM to 6 PM

Closed Monday

Retro furniture at Cambridge Antique Market, MA

This behemoth of a building has been a Cambridge institution for over 30 years now and features 150 dealers spread across five stories of antique heaven.

There’s something for everyone here: cowboy boots, cookware, military emblems, clothing, artwork, bakelite jewelry, Christmas ornaments, and more. It’s the ideal place to find that one-of-a-kind gift whether it’s crystal wine glasses or a mug with a corny saying on it.

The diminutive parking lot tends to fill up fast, but the building is conveniently located next to the Lechmere stop on the MBTA green line. And if you visit on the right day, you might get treated to a slice of free cherry pie or other snack.

#2 - The Anti-Antiques Shop

33 Belmont Street, Cambridge


Tue – Sat: 11 AM to 6PM

Sun: 12 PM to 3 PM

Closed Monday

Musical instruments at Fun Antiques, MA

If most antique shops carry items that are too stodgy for your taste, then Fun Antiques is the place for you. The name says it all, and this store focuses on more modern vintage goods compared to most antiques dealers. We’re talking mid century furniture, vinyl records, movie props and so much more.


Here you can find a cocktail shaker from the Mad Men era, a quirky lamp with a mushroom shaped dome, conga drums, and Danish teak furniture…lots of it. The owner worked in the music business and is a lighting expert, so it’s no surprise the shop carries lots of lamps and lighting fixtures as well as audio equipment from the 20th century.


They also perform repairs and restorations here and when you’re done with your excursion, it’s just a short walk down Mt. Auburn Street to the well reviewed Deluxe Town Diner.

#3 - A Hidden Gem in Lawrence

181 Canal Street #7, Lawrence


Open daily 10 AM to 5 PM (open until 7 PM on Thursday)

Retro goods in Canal Street Antique Mall, MA

The Canal Street Antique Mall on the Lawrence/North Andover border isn’t so much a shop as a consortium of nearly 100 consignment shops housed in an old mill overlooking the Merrimack River. Reviewers compare it to the Brimfield antique flea market, but indoors with free parking.


With two floors covering 18,000 square feet, there’s plenty to explore. The upstairs floor tends to feature higher end restored furniture while the downstairs is an eclectic connection of everything from vintage toys and sports memorabilia to Singer sewing machines and everything in between.


You’re bound to be hungry after this intense antiquing excursion, so be sure to fortify yourself at Salvatore’s or Yas Chicken across the river.

#4 - The Cape's Shining Jewel

131 Route 6A, Sandwich


Open daily 10 AM to 5 PM

Retro goods at Sandwich Antiques Center, MA

The Sandwich Antiques Center has been a favorite destination for antiques fans for over 20 years now. Located just over the Sagamore Bridge, this multiple “Best of Cape Cod” winner sells furniture, fine art, lighting, mirrors, accessories, and more in a 5,000 square foot facility that is larger than it looks from the outside.


Each room has a different focus and makes for a time travel-like experience. You might find a collection of old milk bottles in one and books and postcards in another. Everything is well displayed without feeling crowded.


This is also worth a visit if you’re seeking that special something for your home with a nautical theme.

#5 - Best Antiques Experience in Boston

450 Harrison Avenue, Boston

No phone number listed; contact form on website

First Friday of each month: 5 PM to 9 PM

Sunday 11 AM to 4 PM

Extended hours during the holiday season

Toy retro car at SoWa Vintage Market, MA

SoWa’s indoor vintage market has become a Sunday tradition for both Southies and those who don’t mind venturing into town to hunt for some eclectic gems. Everything from vintage clothing to jewelry to home decor can typically be found here. New vendors are always welcome, keeping the finds fresh.


This is a fun spot for memorabilia, small appliances, paintings, magazines, posters, and an assortment of collectibles. Many of the vendors, who are local, are also willing to bargain. The market spills over to the outdoors, where you can find handcrafted items and food.


The one downside is that you’ll need to pay for parking—it’s in Southie, after all. Parking is, however, offered free during the winter months.

#6 - Best for Furniture Restorations

26 Henshaw Street, Woburn

339-999-2194 or 617-625-5204

Mon – Fri: 10 AM to 6 PM

Sat: 10 AM to 5 PM

Closed Sunday

Wooden sofa at Barn at 17 Antiques

The Barn at 17 Antiques specializes in antique furniture, lighting, and accessories at its new showroom location in Woburn. It’s a treasure trove of different period pieces suitable for the discriminating antique furniture shopper who has some money to spend. However, what really makes this shop stand out are the expert restoration services on-site.


A five-man team led by the shop’s owner meticulously matches finishes, repairs veneer and marquetry, performs decorative faux painting and lacquering, and more. Reupholstery isn’t a problem for them, either, and they make upgrades to both the furniture sold in the shop as well as old furniture customers have at home.


And being located in Woburn, it offers an option for those who don’t want to venture into the city to find comparable pieces.

#7 - Best When Brimfield Isn't In Session

128 Charlton Road (Route 20), Sturbridge


Open daily 10 AM to 5 PM

Showcase of vintage items at Sturbridge Antique Shops, MA

Why go to the Sturbridge Antique Shops when Brimfield is literally right next door? Because unlike the Brimfield shows, this destination is open year-round and only closed on a few major holidays. It’s also indoors, so you don’t have to worry about the weather putting a damper on your hunting.


Besides that, it’s just a fun place to visit. Over 80 dealers set up wares here offering porcelain, textiles, toys, books, furniture, military metals, glassware, and more. Prices are reasonable and the inventory is always changing. The one downside is that there are no public restrooms on the premises, so plan accordingly.

#8 - Best Combo of Antiques and Newer Goods

138 Green Street, Worcester


Mon: 11 AM to 4PM

Tues – Thurs: 11 AM to 5 PM

Fri: 11 AM to 6 PM

Sat: 10 AM to 6 PM

Sun: 11 AM to 5 PM

Vintage goods at Crompton Collective, MA

For those who like shopping for new handmade items in addition to unique vintage treasures, Worcester’s Crompton Collective has you covered. The owners sell what is described as “creative antiques” along with handmade gifts created by local artists. A sister shop, The Haberdasher, focuses on women’s clothing.


This means antique dealers share floor space with artists and crafters. The waitlist to vend at the Collective is currently over 2,000 applications, proving its popularity. You’ll find clothing, toys, home accessories, furniture, appliances, and more among the many dealers. Customers also note a large collection of vintage jewelry available.

#9 - Best for Movie Set Supplies

127 West Rodney French Blvd., New Bedford


Open daily 10 AM to 5 PM

Vintage chandelier at New Bedford Antiques At The Cove

It may not be as notable as Brimfield, but when moviemakers are filming in New England and need the perfect period piece for a set, they come knocking at Antiques at the Cove. The New Bedford store has worked with production set designers for Hocus Pocus 2, Little Women, Ted, Daddy’s Home 2, and many others.


The shop is 1.5 acres of space in the Killburn Mill filled with books, furniture, artwork, clothing, toys, glassware, and more. The friendly staff and the reasonable prices ensure that everyone feels welcome. And arrows on the floor help you find the selections that interest you the most.


Plan on spending hours here.

#10 - Best Bucolic Setting

40 Congress Street, Salisbury


Hours by appointment only

It doesn’t get any more New England than shopping for antique wares on a sprawling farm. The family-owned Meehan Antiques used to be in downtown Peabody when they first opened in 1972, and are now housed at Hillside Farm in Salisbury. The shop is by appointment only, which gives you all the more time to soak up the smell of hay and manure and say hello to the resident barnyard animals.


The store focuses on authentic American Empire and Victorian furniture, rugs, drink ware, and more. At any given time they may have a Victorian barrel desk or wicker pony drawn carriage up for grabs.


Plans are also underway to expand the barn and the vaulted hayloft into a 7,500 square foot showroom to feature even more merchandise.

#11 - The Biggest Antique Flea Market in New England

Various locations off Route 20, Brimfield, MA

See website for specific dates and times; hours vary by show

Vintage toys at Brimfield Antique Flea Market & Shows

No doubt you’ve seen this flea market on PBS or one of Martha Stewart’s shows. We’re talking about the King of All Antique Fairs – the Brimfield Antique Flea Market. It’s so gargantuan that it’s not found in one location in town, but spread out over several areas. You’ll need to plan your visit by finding the vendors that pique your interest on the online map and then park nearby if you can.


Shows take place three times a year: May, July, and September. There’s no need to list what you can find here, because it’s pretty much everything. This annual market has been in operation since 1959 and don’t even think about visiting all booths in one day; book lodging and plan on allocating some time to checking out the charming town in between the antique hunting.


As you can see, Massachusetts is home to a variety of shops and dealers. Whether you’re looking to add something special to your home or searching for antiques near me, there are many wonderful antique stores near me that offer an array of unique items. From Worcester to Boston, these shops will help you find that perfect piece. With a wide selection of antique shops and antiques near you, Massachusetts is the perfect destination for an exciting shopping experience. So if you’re looking for vintage hardware, furniture, jewelry, or decor – be sure to check out one of these antique stores near me. You’ll be sure to find something special. Happy bargain hunting!

Antiques Massachusetts FAQs

A. The list is forever changing based on demand, but some of the most valuable antiques include early baseball cards, vintage comic books, old advertising signs, first edition books, and rare coins.

A. The Factory Antique Mall in Verona, Virginia is considered the biggest antique store in the United States. It takes up over 140,000 square feet all on one floor, and it is still expanding!

A. Although it may seem the town with the most antique shops would be found in New England, the Amish-influenced Adamstown, Pennsylvania is considered to be the most saturated with antique stores—over 300 to be exact. But Portsmouth, NH—with its infamous Antique Alley—may be a close second.

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