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Boston Dining: Ecco Pizzeria
Allston’s Newest Gourmet Pizza Joint

Located approximately halfway between Boston University and Brookline, newly established Ecco Pizzeria is bound to be a winner within both populations…

  • The pizza is seriously delicious.
  • The shop has been built in an entirely eco-friendly way.
  • And, they have a solid number of options for health-conscious types like me.

Ecco’s owner, Steve Silverman, says that he opened Ecco Pizzeria as a result of his discontent with the local pizza options available to him and his family.

As he prepared for Ecco’s opening, Steve used his own kitchen as a laboratory where he experimented for hours on end. He tested tomato after tomato in his quest to create the perfect organic sauce for his gourmet pizzas. And his efforts have resulted in a a diverse, unique and truly delicious assortment of menu items.

About The Pizza

The first thing I was excited to learn is that Ecco Pizzeria’s unique crust is multi-grain, organic and includes whole wheat, rye & flaxseed.

I was curious, though, to see how they’d go with my need for dairy-free. Steve suggested I have a cheese-less version of their Verdure pizza. Not only was it excellent that evening… even as leftovers the next day, my parents were duly impressed.

The rest of my family went old-school cheese. If it’s possible to make cheese pizza gourmet, Steve has done it (without going so far as to disturb a picky 4-year-old’s palette!).

We were, unfortunately, short on time so we didn’t get to try the PB&J special or any of Ecco’s dessert pizzas… How do you like the sound of, for example, the Cioccolato pizza: Chocolate hazelnut spread with melted dark & white chocolate chips – is your mouth watering yet?

In terms of the Eco-friendly aspect of the shop, instead of trying to sum up all the work Steve has put into minimizing Ecco’s carbon footprint, check out the ecologico page on his website. It’s very cool!

Finally, if you’d a prefer a night in, Ecco Pizzeria does pizza delivery in Boston and surrounding areas. Steve is always expanding their delivery area, so give them a call to see if they can deliver to you.

Parking for Boston’s Ecco Pizzeria

There are bike racks and metered parking spaces in front, free parking around the corner, and they offer curbside pickup.

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Happy pizza eating!

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