Boston Events: Beanpot Hockey Tournament

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Boston Events: Beanpot Hockey Tournament

“What the Beanpot means to me? Quite simply, there are two words that come to mind: tradition and emotion. Anyone who has a pulse around here knows about the tradition of the Beanpot.”

– David Silk, former BU forward and 1980 Olympic gold medal winner


Every year, the hockey teams from Boston University, Boston College, Harvard University and Northeastern University compete for Boston’s college-hockey bragging rights.


The games are held on the first two Monday nights in February at the TD Garden. Tickets are sold through ticketmaster and you’ll want to buy ’em early… Given Boston’s such a college town, the games are always sold out with madly enthusiastic fans from each school.


In addition to the games themselves, there are all kinds of fun events and activities associated with the Beanpot (including a Rice and Beanpot burrito-eating contest!).


The competition itself started in 1952 just to provide a few “filler” games. It quickly became such a success that loads of other “Beanpot” tournaments have popped up between the four schools (with other schools involved in a select few of them).


The new Beanpots vary from a Women’s Hockey Beanpot to a Baseball Beanpot to a Business School Beanpot.

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