Mary Baker Eddy Library and Mapparium

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The Mary Baker Eddy Library is a great educational place for kids and adults alike. You can learn all about Mary Baker Eddy’s life and amazing work and ideas in the library’s Quest Gallery.

Did you know that she stressed healing on a principle of science? She also studied and shared her ideas of spirituality and healing, which together she named Christian Science.

The museum is probably most well known for it’s stunning Mapparium, a giant glass globe of the world frozen in 1935, when it was built.

Visitors listen to a short presentation, and then get a chance to experience the acoustics of the globe for themselves (sound reflects off of the globe, making it surround sound! You can therefore hear, in a normal volume, someone whispering across the room.)


You need to buy tickets to go on a tour of the Mapparium; tours go every 20 min.

The Hall of Ideas, containing the giant Fountain of Ideas, is another fun place, where you can see projected words floating in and around the fountain and surrounding walls. The museum also contains a library and research room.

Note that no photography or recording of any kind is allowed in the Mapparium, and everywhere else in the museum, no flash photography or videotaping is allowed.

Mary Baker Eddy Library and Mapparium Videos

Enjoy this 46 second taste of the Mary Baker Eddy’s unique and inspiring Hall of Ideas.

See what the Mary Baker Eddy Library and Mapparium looks like in this 24-second video. Enjoy the beautiful architecture and surroundings.

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