Chinese New Year Festival at the Boston Children's Museum

photo of a chinese dragon mascot
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As a kid growing up in Boston, celebrating the Chinese New Year each February was one of my favorite school activities.

One class would “turn into” a chinese dragon and run around the school creating all kinds of noise and excitement!

If you have kids, I’d definitely recommend the experience. One great way to do it as a family is to head to the Boston Children’s Museum for the celebrations.

They provide performances and fun activities for the whole family. During the 2011 celebrations, the entertainment will range from a traditional Chinese lion dance to making a rabbit collage to celebrate the year of the rabbit!

2011 Festivities
Location: Boston Children’s Museum
Date: Sunday, February 13, 2011
Time: From 11am-4pm

You can check out our Boston Children’s Museum page for more info on things to do at the museum and how to get there.

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