A Brit Learns to Talk “Bostonian”

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It was worth the wait…

A few years ago, my wife and I went to Boston for my step-son’s wedding. One day we decided to spend a bit of time walking the Freedom Trail.

Around midday we started to feel hungry. We both had our hearts set on a “good American steak.” We asked at the information kiosk in the Boston Common where we could find a steakhouse.

We were impressed by their quick response as they told us to: “Follow the red line through the park and you’ll end up at the steakhouse.”

We meandered to and fro following this very pleasant line and eventually came across some roadworks where they’d dug up the park and blocked off some of the pathway.

On reconnecting with the red line on the other side, we found ourselves climbing steps to leave the park.

There, we were confronted by several large tourist buses, with what seemed like, hundreds of children (all carrying musical instruments) getting off.

Our stomaches rumbling, we asked one of the bus drivers where the STEAKHOUSE was.

His reply was, “You’re standing in front of it!”

Somewhat confused, we peered between the coaches. We looked up to see a lovely building with a gold dome, which we quickly realized was the Massachusetts STATEHOUSE… No meat served there!

Needless to say, we were going to have to learn to talk “Bostonian” before we’d get our big American steak!

This post is contributed by Edwin & Janine